Relaxing Massage Therapies
Every massage incorporates 2-3 hot stones and aromatherapy

    Swedish Massage (60 min)        $65.00                                        
    Soothing muscle work designed to reduce and stimulate relaxation.
    This therapeutic massage incorporates long, flowing, and kneading strokes.
    This is a full body massage. 

    Deep Tissue Massage(60 min)   $75.00
    This is a rigorous, deep massage concentrating on
    alleviating soreness and tension in specific areas
    of the body. This technique is designed to improve
    circulation and elasticity to muscle tissue.

    Therapeutic Massage (90 Min.)  $90.00
    A blend of classic muscle work designed to focus on the areas of your body that suffers the most stress. A therapist uses a blend of massages to ease your muscles back to a state of harmony and relaxation..

    Other Special Massages (60 Min.)
    Sports/Pregnancy/Lymphatic/*aroma Therapy*-$65.00
                    *Hot Stone*-$75.00
            Half Hour session(30-min.)-$45.00